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Number Title Year Region Digitized
525    Abissinorum Sive Pretiosi Ioan:nis Imperiu. 1619 East
1250    AETHIOPIA Superior vel Interior vulgo ABISSINORVM sive Presbiteri Ioannis Imperivm. 1650 East
103    Aethiopia Svperior vel Interior vulgo Abissinorvm sive Presbiteri Ioannis Imperivm 1663 East
416    Habessinia-Abassia Pres..Johan 1683 East
327    Imperii Abassini Tabvla Geoggraphica, ex oculatis relationibus Patrum Soc Ies... 1684 East
35    Abissinia doue sono le Fonti del Nilo descritta secondo le... 1690 East
1530    Tab. IV. AFRICAE, in qua LIBYA Interior et Exterior AETHIOPIA... 1698 North
2507    Empire des Abyssins. Das Abyssiner Landt 1700 East
346    Carte De Egypt..Abissinie 1707 North
2386    Marche des Abissins. ABYSSINISEN OP TO GHT 1730 East
1425    A New and Accurate Map of NUBIA & ABISSINIA, together... 1750 North
1432    NUBIE et ABISSINIE Projettee et assujettie aux observations Astronomiquee 1771 North
1134    Nieuve en Naauwkeurige Landkaart van NUBIE en ABISSINIE, beneven derzelver... 1785 North
941    Karte von Egypten 1798 North
2427    The Vale of Calaat 1809 East
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