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Number: 1327
Continent: Africa
Region: Continent
Place Names:
Year of Origin: 1833
Title: Africa
Language: English
Publish Origin: London
Height: 8.0
Width: 13.3
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Small
Color Type: Full Color
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Cartographer: Thomas Starling
Publisher: Perkins and Bacon
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude:
Southernmost Latitude:
Westernmost Longitude:
Easternmost Longitude:
Notes: Steel engraving from 'Geographical Annual'; also appearing in "The Royal Cabinet Atlas, And Universal Compendium Of All Places In The Known World". The atlas was published by Bull and Churton in London. The atlas was first published in 1835 with later editions thereafter. Starling's preface to the atlas states his intentions; "The Geographical Annual will be published every year, for the purpose of including the Latest Discoveries, and the Changes that are continually taking place in various quarters of the Globe". This decision to continually update and improve knowledge and present it to the public in printed form reflects both the continually expanding knowledge of the globe and developments in printing technologies. The map is accompanied by a page of text giving the latitude and longitude of the major towns.
Last updated: Aug 2, 2014