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Number: 1681
Continent: Africa
Region: West
Place Names: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cote D'Ivoire, Togo, Nigeria,
Year of Origin: 1760
Title: Nyt Kort over Kosten Gvinea inddeelet i Korn Tand Guldog Slaven Kosten
Publish Origin: Copenhagen
Height: 18.3
Width: 28.9
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Scale: 1 : 14,230,800
Color Type: No Color
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Cartographer: Ludewig Ferdinand Romer (Roemer)
Publisher: Ludolph Henrich Lillies Enke
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Northernmost Latitude: 20.0
Southernmost Latitude: 0.0
Westernmost Longitude: -18.0
Easternmost Longitude: 10.0
Measurement Notes: modern estimate
Notes: Bloomsbury; Danish language source book #2211 "Tilforladelig Efterretning Om Kysten Guinea.." (A Reliable Account of the Coast of Guinea) by Ludewig Ferdinand Romer (Roemer); Second Danish edition of this account of European commerce in Guinea. An interesting picture of the region in terms of its interaction with Europeans affiliated with the Danish West India Company and the Guinea Company. The book also describes the local culture - the African traders and customers, their societies, practices and religion. In 1756, at Copenhagen, Ludewig Ferdinand Romer (1714-1776) published a 64-page quarto booklet entitled, in translation, A Reliable Account of Trade on the Coast of Guinea and the Nations trading there; and in what Manner it is practised by each Nation in particular, together with humble Suggestions about how Our Trade there and to the West Indies could be improved. Four years later, in 1760, also at Copenhagen, Römer published a longer work with a shorter title, a 348-page octavo book entitled, in translation, A Reliable Account of the Coast of Guinea2 Each work dealt with contemporary African-European relations on the coast of Guinea, especially on `Gold Coast`, as witnessed by Romer himself. While the shorter work concentrated on the operation of various national companies trading on Gold Coast, the longer work had much more to say about the African traders and customers, their societies and traditions. The present edition therefore takes the 1760 work as its primary text but includes the 1756 text, the two being conflated. Each work appeared in a contemporary German translation, and the 1760 work has latterly been reprinted in a modern transcription and appeared in a French translation. But the 1756 work has not previously had an English translation, and the 1760 work has not previously had a complete one. The British Academy English translation is by Selena Axelrod Winsnes. The original book contains one engraved view of the coastal forts Freedensborg, and two engraved views of the coastal fort of Christiansborg. [scale measure on degree of latitude]
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