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Number: 1744
Continent: Africa
Region: East
Place Names: Kenya, Mount Kenya
Year of Origin: 1900
Title: Summit of MOUNT KENYA from a survey by Mr. H. J. Mackinder 1899
Sub-Title: [elevation diagram at bottom of map] Section of Mount Kenya Vertical twice Horizontal Scale
Language: English
Publish Origin: London
Height: 25.2
Width: 35.0
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Scale: 1 : 42,351
Color Type: Full Color
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Cartographer: H. J. Mackinder
Engraver: F. S. Weller
Publisher: RGS Royal Geographical Society
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude: 0.0
Southernmost Latitude: -0.3
Westernmost Longitude: 37.2
Easternmost Longitude: 37.5
Measurement Notes: Prime meridian Greenwich (the geographic coordinates derived from map IS 1743).
Notes: Potter; from "The Geographical Journal" Vol. XV, No. 5 May 1900, 'A Journey to the Summit of Mount Kenya, British East Africa.' by H. J. Mackinder recording the 1st summit of Mount Kenya on September 13, 1899; scale-bar on map. Associated with the above mentioned Book ID 1758 and other map ID 1743. On the bottom of this map, there is an elevation "section of Mount Kenya,", vertical twice the horizontal scale.
Last updated: Jan 25, 2017