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Number: 2480
Continent: Africa
Region: South
Place Names: Swaziland,Nhohho district, Little Usuto (Lushushwana) River, Umbeloos (Umpilusi) River, Mbabane, Mbabane River, Great Usutu River, Umtuchan River, Umpilusi River, Mshange peak, Nyonyan peak, and Kalagalame peak,
Year of Origin: 1880 (estimated)
Title: General Plan Showing the relative positions & boundaries of the Mineral Concessions in Conflict with Mineral Concession #44, SWAZILAND
Language: English
Publish Origin:
Height: 79.5
Width: 95.7
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Large
Color Type: No Color
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Cartographer: Manuscript
Theophilus Offy Shepstone, Jr.
Other Contributors: A. H. Neumann
Elish King
J. G. Pullen
Charles Lennox Stretch
G. Halle
David Purcocks
[Swazi king] Mbandzeni
Theophilus Offy Shepstone, Jr.
William Bird
David Forbes
Northernmost Latitude:
Southernmost Latitude:
Westernmost Longitude:
Easternmost Longitude:
Notes: possibly misFiled in East Africa drawer; [ERIC WASCHLE WAYFARER][SWAZILAND, MINE CONCESSIONS] [Large Folding Hand Drawn and Coloured Plan of Mineral Concessions in Swaziland, Titled]: General Plan Showing the relative positions & boundaries of the Mineral Concessions in Conflict with Mineral Concession № 44, Swaziland. Scale 400 Cape Rds = 1 inch. Ca. 1880. Ink and watercolour on parchment Ink drawn title and the plan?s legend in the left lower corner. Parchment with mild yellowing in the central area, otherwise a very good plan. Important documentary evidence illustrating the notorious concessionperiod in the history of Swaziland. The plan gives a detailed layout of the numerous claims on the mineral resources in the western Swaziland made by a group of British and Boer entrepreneurs. The main purpose of the plan is to ascertain the borders of the mine concession № 44, which is marked as belonging to T. Shepstone?, or Theophilus (Offy) Shepstone. Younger son of a noted South African statesman Sir Theophilius Shepstone (1817-1893), Offy was a resident adviser and agent to the Swazi king Mbandzeni in 1886-1889 and took an active part in the concessions to white settlers of different background. The plan details the area between the Little Usuto (Lushushwana) and Umbeloos (Umpilusi) Rivers in northwestern Swaziland (modern Nhohho district). It marks the territories of over 10 concessions belonging to Elisha King, L. Albu and Davis, A.H. Neumann, David Purcocks, William Bird, G. Halle, David Forbes, Charles Lennox Stretch, J.G. Pullen, Hemerson & Forbes and others. Borders between the lots are outlined in colour, with blue lines marking grounds not claimed by Shepstone, brown lines showing undisputed borders, and red, yellow and green disputed territories belonging to other owners, but claimed by Shepstone. The settlements shown on the plan include Mbabane, the present capital of Swaziland, marked as Mbabane Township on the bank of Mbabane River, and several kraals scattered across the region: Didmi, Mbabanes, Embekelweni Hanskraal et al. The plan borders on the northwest with the Transvaal Colony and with the Great Usutu River and its tributary Umtuchan on the south. Other topographical landmarks shown include tributaries of the Little Usuto (Motjan, Tambono, Impaca, Umtilaan) and Umpilusi Rivers; waterfalls on the rivers; roads, a store in the Transvaal colony on the border with Swaziland, and three peaks used as a basis of the topographical survey: Mshange (3960 ft), Nyonyan (3580 ft) and Kalagalame (3670 ft)
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