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Number: 2657
Continent: Africa
Region: West
Place Names: Benue River, Niger River, Nigeria
Year of Origin: 1880
Title: Originalkarte des mittleren Benue -Stromes,
Sub-Title: aufgenommen von E.R. Flegel, Mitglied der Church Missionary Society's Expedition, unter Mr. J. H. Ashkroft, Juli bis Sept. 1879.
Language: German
Publish Origin: Gotha, Germany
Height: 23.6
Width: 41.4
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Small
Scale: 1 : 300,000
Color Type: Full Color
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Cartographer: August Petermann
Engraver: Bruno Hassenstein
F. Hein
Carl Hellfarth
Bruno Domann
Publisher: Johann Georg Justus Perthes and Heirs
Geographische Mittheilungen
Other Contributors: J. H. Ashkroft
E. R. Flegel
Northernmost Latitude: 9.6
Southernmost Latitude: 9.1
Westernmost Longitude: 11.4
Easternmost Longitude: 13.6
Measurement Notes: Prime meridian Greenwich. Upper half: from 9.6 N to 9.1 N, and from 11.4 E to 12.6 E; lower half from 9.4 N to 9.1 N and from 12.5 E to 13.6 E Greenwich.
Notes: Upper Left Corner: "Petermann's Geogr. Mitth." Upper right Corner: "Jahrgang 1880, Tafel 7." The map is partitioned into two halves, each of 11.8 cm: an upper half from Dien to Jola (or Yola) and a lower half from Jola (or Yola) to Mount Katie area (the spring area of Benue River, Tributary of Niger River). There is also an inset in the central part of the map with an overview of the region, plus there are sketches of mountains across the map of the Benue River.
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