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Number: 3081
Continent: Africa
Region: South
Place Names: South Africa, Transvaal, Pretoria
Year of Origin: 1881
Title: Map of the New Transvaal State. Showing The Boundaries Under The Convention Signed At Pretoria, on the 3rd August, 1881
Sub-Title: [upper margin] Published as a Suppliment to the "CAPE TIMES" Tuesday 9th, August, 1881
Language: English
Publish Origin: Pretoria
Height: 47.8
Width: 50.0
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Color Type: No Color
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Publisher: Saul Solomon
Cape Times
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude: -21.7
Southernmost Latitude: -29.8
Westernmost Longitude: 23.0
Easternmost Longitude: 32.0
Measurement Notes: on map
Notes: The Earliest Printed Map Showing The Transvaal State after the Pretoria Convention of 1881 Rare map of the Transvaal State, published as a supplement to the "Cape Times," on Tuesday, August 9, 1881. The present map is almost certainly the earliest printed map showing the New Transvaal state, having been published 1 day after the signing of the peace treaty. The map illustrates the Old and New Boundaries of the Transvaal State, before and after the 1881 Convention. A number of towns, roads, rivers, mining and mineral regions, mountains, tribal regions, etc. The Pretoria Convention was the peace treaty that ended the First Boer War (December 16, 1880 to March 23, 1881) between the Transvaal Boers and the United Kingdom. The treaty was signed in Pretoria on August 3, 1881, but was subject to ratification by the Volksraad within 3 months from the date of signature. The Volksraadfirst raised objections to a number of the clauses of the treaty, but did eventually ratify the version signed in Pretoria, after Britain refused any further concessions or changes to the treaty. Under this agreement, the South African Republic regained self-government under nominal British suzerainty. This Convention was superseded in 1884 by the London Convention. The Boundaries of the Transvaal State were defined by Article 1 of the Convention. Article 19 provided that a Royal Commission would be established to marke the boundary line and make arrangements with the farm owners and the Barolong tribe regarding the water rights. The text of Article 19 is set forth below: Article 19. The Government of the Transvaal State will strictly adhere to the boundaries defined in the First Article of this Convention, and will do its utmost to prevent any of its inhabitants from making any encroachment upon lands beyond the said State. The Royal Commission will forthwith appoint a person who will beacon off the boundary line between Ramatlabama and the point where such line first touches Griqualand West boundary, midway between the Vaal and Hart Rivers ; the person so appointed will be instructed to make an arrangement between the owners of the farms Grootfontein and Valleifontein on the one hand, and the Barolong authorities on the other, by which a fair share of the water supply of the said farms shall be allowed to flow undisturbed to the said Barolongs. The map is extremely rare. OCLC locates only a single example known in 2016 (National Library of Scotland). Condition Description: Several minor folds splits, expertly repaired on the verso and several edge tears;Rudermann;
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