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Number: 3082
Continent: Africa
Region: Continent
Place Names:
Year of Origin: 1658
Title: Africae Descriptio
Language: Latin
Publish Origin: Ulm
Height: 6.3
Width: 10.5
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Small
Color Type: Full Color
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Cartographer: Gabriel Bucelin
Publisher: Johann Gorlinus
Johann Praetorius
Other Contributors: Abraham Ortelius
Northernmost Latitude:
Southernmost Latitude:
Westernmost Longitude:
Easternmost Longitude:
Notes: Based on 1601 pocket-size atlas "Epitome Theatri Orteliani" engraved by Philip Galle. Here Bucelin was a Swiss geneologist, and his map of the continent of Africa was based on the Ortelius-Galle model. The place names are also derived from the Ortelius pocket map of Africa. Bucelin's maps in his 'Praecipuarum Universi Terrarum Orbis' volume two of Bucelin's 'Historiae Universalis' were copperplate engravings based on the Ortelius miniature maps. His atlas contained 30 maps and was published by Johann Praetorius and Johann Gorlinus in 1658 and 1664. Bucelin's maps are very scarce. Latin text on verso; Betz #90; OldWorld auction;
Last updated: Nov 24, 2020