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Number: 3216
Continent: Africa
Region: South
Place Names: Cape Town, Capetown, South Africa
Year of Origin: 1778
Title: Vue du Cap de Bonne esperance de la baie / Gezigt van de Kaap der Goede hope, van de Reede
Language: Dutch
Publish Origin: Amsterdam
Height: 22.3
Width: 72.7
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Large
Color Type: No Color
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Cartographer: Carel Frederik Brink
Engraver: William Tringham
Publisher: Jean Herman Schneider
Other Contributors: Hop
van de Reede
Northernmost Latitude: -33.85
Southernmost Latitude: -33.95
Westernmost Longitude: 18.4
Easternmost Longitude: 18.45
Measurement Notes: Modern estimates
Notes: [source Joppen Swaen 6/2017 #37769] A large rare panoramic view of Cape-town at Cape of Good Hope seen from the sea side with Dutch vessels in the foreground and Tafe-berg and the town in good detail. The fortress at east shore. Published by Jean Herman Schneider in Amsterdam. From " H.Hop - Dag-verhaal gehouden op een landtogt, door het land der kleine en groote Namacquas. In: Nieuwste en beknopte beschrijving van de Kaap der Goede Hoop'. The 'Dag-verhaal' (daily narrative) of the Hop expedition, drawn up by surveyor Carel Frederik Brink (died 1780) and supplemented with other reports and provided with illustrations, was published by the Amsterdam publisher Schneider in the Nieuwste en beknopte beschijving van de Kaap der Goede-Hope [. . .] (Latest and concise description of the Cape of Good Hope [. . .]). Schneider published a French translation at the same time entitled Nouvelle description du Cap de Bonne-Esperance [. . .]. A German translation appeared in Leipzig in 1779. Engraved by William Tringham (1723 - 1770 after), who was a publisher, engraver active at 'The corner of the West Passage of the Royal exchange in Castle Alley, London (1754), Castle Alley, Royal Exchange (c.1761- 1762), 'the Print-Shop under St. Dunstan's-Church'(1762, 1764, 1770), Old Change, 1766. WorldCat only mentions one example listed in 2017 .
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