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Number: 3283
Continent: Africa
Region: West
Place Names: Ghana, Shama, Sama, Fort San Sebastian, Fort Hollandois,
Year of Origin: 1747
Title: Plan Du Fort Hollandois De Sama nomme St. Sebastien Situe a la Coste de Guinee
Language: French
Publish Origin: Paris
Height: 20.5
Width: 14.7
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Color Type: Outline Color
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Cartographer: Jacques Nicolas Bellin
Publisher: Abbe Antoine Francois Prevost d'Exiles
Jacques Nicolas Bellin
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude: 5.1
Southernmost Latitude: 5.0
Westernmost Longitude: -1.65
Easternmost Longitude: -1.6
Measurement Notes: modern estimates
Notes: [source Dimambro] Slave Trade site; Dutch fort is the 3rd oldest slave trade site in Ghana; It was built by the Portuguese from 1520 to 1526 as a trading post in and captured by the Dutch West India Company in 1642. The original purpose of the fort was to serve as a deterrent to English sailors interfering in Shama trade.[1] The first black European university professor, Anton Wilhelm Amo, lies interred in the fort's graveyard. The fort was ceded with the entire Dutch Gold Coast to Britain in 1872.
Last updated: Jul 4, 2020