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Number: 3338
Continent: Africa
Region: South
Place Names: South Africa, Natal, Transvaal
Year of Origin: 1899
Title: [lower margin] Kaart Van Het Oorlogsterrein; [upper margin] Bijvoegsel behoorende bij de Zutphensche Courant van Woensdag 18 October 1899 [Supplement to the Zutphen Code of Wednesday 18 October 1899]
Language: Dutch
Publish Origin: Zutphen, Netherlands
Height: 16.5
Width: 26.6
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Scale: 1 : 2,775,000
Color Type: No Color
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Publisher: Zutphensche Courant [newspaper]
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude: -25.7
Southernmost Latitude: -29.9
Westernmost Longitude: 32.6
Easternmost Longitude: 24.7
Measurement Notes: modern estimates
Notes: Map of the theater of war in the Second Boer War. Printed in the city of Zutphen which saw its first newspaper appear in 1783: the Zutphen Courant . The whole of Gelderland was still devoid of newspapers at that time. From the Zutphen Courant , only seven episodes appeared in the period 1783-1784, with large intervals. Almost certainly Henricus van Bulderen (1718-1794) was a writer and publisher of this nationally distributed newspaper, a unique combination. In his introduction to the publication of the Zutphen Courant PW van Wissing gives a nice picture of the activities and views of Henricus van Bulderen, the political constellation in Zutphen in the years 1783-1784 and the nature and content of the newspaper. What inspired this 65-year-old Zutphen bookshop and city newspaper deliverer to start his own patriotic newspaper in a politically hostile environment? His one-man action is very remarkable, because not only did he report - very satirical and not very neutral - about patriots and oranges in and outside Zutphen, he also opposed newspapers and periodicals that appeared outside Gelderland, and especially to fellow publishers and writers elsewhere in the Netherlands. It is striking that in these other newspapers there is no reference to the Zutphen Courant .
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