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Number: 345
Continent: Africa
Region: North
Place Names: Alexandria
Year of Origin: 1575 (estimated)
Title: Alexandria,..Vetustissimum Aegypti Emporium, Amplissima Civitas
Publish Origin: Amsterdam
Size Class.: Medium
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Cartographer: Franz Hogenberg
Georg Braun
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Northernmost Latitude:
Southernmost Latitude:
Westernmost Longitude:
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Notes: [Suarez sample lost, pending search] from " Civitates Orbis Terrarum ", Bird's-eye view plan of Alexandria by Braun and Hogenberg. From the vol. II, first published in 1575. Alexandria is depicted as a sprawling, formidably fortified town, crisscrossed by multiple arms of the river and where few buildings, but many ruins, stand. Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great on the Nile Delta and, under the Ptolemaic Empire, was extended to become the capital of Egypt. In the 16th century Alexandria was still used as a commercial port, but it lost its political and economic importance after its capture in AD 642. During its heyday the city was renowned in particular for both its culture and science: the library of Alexandria was the largest in the ancient world.
Last updated: Jan 17, 2021