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Number: 3789
Continent: Africa
Region: North
Place Names: Egypt, Nile
Year of Origin: 1776
Title: Egypte naar zynen ouden en tegenwoordigen Staat en een Gedeelte van Steenachtig Arabae door Dr. Rich Pococke
Language: Dutch
Publish Origin: Amsterdam
Height: 47.8
Width: 27.2
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Scale: 1 : 2,000,000
Color Type: No Color
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Engraver: Otto Lindeman
Other Contributors: Richard Pococke
Northernmost Latitude: 32.0
Southernmost Latitude: 22.8
Westernmost Longitude: 29.0
Easternmost Longitude: 34.5
Measurement Notes: modern estimates
Notes: engraving on hand laid (verge) paper. .From: 'Beschryving van het Oosten, en van eenige andere landen' by Richard Pococke, Dutch edition published 1776.Made by 'Otto Lindeman' after 'Richard Pococke'. The author of this work is Richard Pococke (1704 - 1765), an English prelate and anthropologist. He was the Bishop of Ossory (1756 65) and Meath (1765), both dioceses of the Church of Ireland. However, he is best known for his travel writings and diary
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