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Number: 3809
Continent: Africa
Region: West
Place Names: St. Louis, Dakar, Senegal
Year of Origin: 1880 (estimated)
Language: French
Publish Origin:
Height: 103.0
Width: 94.0
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Scale: 1 : 10,000
Color Type: Outline Color
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Cartographer: Anonymous or Unknown
Engraver: Manuscript
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude: 14.75
Southernmost Latitude: 14.65
Westernmost Longitude: -17.5
Easternmost Longitude: -17.4
Measurement Notes: modern estimates
Notes: [PENDING LEBAIL SOURCE] Survey of the surroundings of St Louis. [around 1880]. 103 x 94 cm, on canvas to be traced. Detailed handwritten map presenting the Atlantic coast, the Saint-Louis, the city plan on the island, the lagoon and the Lower Town on the coast, the cours du Senegal, the backwaters and wooded parts to the east of the city. The map also includes the route of the telegraph to Dakar. Saint-Louis was created in 1559 by sailors from Dieppe, on an island at the mouth of the Senegal river, thus becoming the first city founded by Europeans on the African coast. It very quickly became an important economic counter, at the crossroads of Atlantic, Saharan and Sudanese routes. In 1872, the city became a full-fledged municipality, and in 1895, the capital of West Africa. The scale is 1: 10,000.
Last updated: Oct 30, 2020