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Number: 3883
Continent: Africa
Region: North
Place Names: Suez, Sinai, Egypt, Arabia
Year of Origin: 1870
Title: Vue du canal de l'isthme de Suez.
Language: French
Publish Origin: Paris
Height: 30.8
Width: 47.5
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Color Type: Full Color
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Engraver: Isidore Deroy
Publisher: L. Turgis
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude: 30.1
Southernmost Latitude: 29.95
Westernmost Longitude: 32.54
Easternmost Longitude: 32.56
Measurement Notes: modern estimates
Notes: [Lebail source] Rare bird's eye view of the Suez Canal in Egypt, drawn and lithographed by Deroy, and from the series 'des Ports de mer'. Title in French and Spanish. The view is taken from the south and the top of the mountain of Ghebel-Attaka or Jabal 'Ataqah, which overlooks the canal. It shows, on the left bank of the Gulf of Suez, the city of Suez, the railway line connecting Suez and Cairo, inaugurated in 1858, the freshwater canal derived from the Nile, the city of Ismailia, lakes Timsah, Ballah and Menzaleh, and the city of Port-Sa?, all north of the canal, on the Mediterranean; on the right bank, you can see the Fountains of Moses, or Uyun Musa (springs of Moses), believed to be Moses' last stop before crossing the Red Sea. The Suez Canal was inaugurated on November 17, 1869. Perc?between 1859 and 1869, thanks to a giant fundraiser at the Stock Exchange from Paris, under the direction of retired French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps, it allows ships to go from Europe to Asia without having to bypass Africa by the Cape of Good Hope and without breaking the load by land between the Mediterranean and Red Sea. 193 km long, it connects, via three natural lakes, the towns of Port Said in the Mediterranean Sea and de Suez, in the northern part of the Red Sea, thus connecting the two seas.
Last updated: Mar 12, 2022