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Number: 3971
Continent: Africa
Region: North
Place Names: Alexandria, Desouk, Egypt
Year of Origin: 1914
Title: [Untitled; Behera Alexandrie, Ramleh VII - V [But Alexandria VI - V]]
Language: Arabic
Publish Origin: Cairo
Height: 114.0
Width: 182.0
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Large
Scale: 1 : 50,000
Color Type: Outline Color
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Publisher: Egyptian Department of Survey and Mines
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Northernmost Latitude: 31.55
Southernmost Latitude: 30.8
Westernmost Longitude: 29.75
Easternmost Longitude: 30.75
Measurement Notes: modern estimates
Notes: Image Ruderman source] Filed folded plastic case in Afriterra Large-Map room; large 6ft wall laid in sections folded on linen and printed in Arabic and English and manuscript notes, and Original Image Dimensions (Pixels): 26705 x 43639; Very Rare, unusual, and massive wall map of Alexandria, Egypt, and the surrounding countryside produced locally in 1914. The map spans a remarkable six feet by three and three-quarters feet, and shows an area nearly forty-five miles wide at a nearly street-by-street level, with all local features of interest named. This map appears to be a sort of strange almalgam, in which the sheets are combined from a number of different maps, all published at the same scale and in the same style. This is evident in the slightly different toning of some of the sheets as well as in the strange grid pattern shown in the central six sheets. This is demonstrated by the key in the lower left of the map, which provides a regional overview of various sheets published as part of this survey. Notably, there is no key that shows the area which this map displays. The map includes manuscript hand-coloring, particularly in the western and central portions of the map. There are three different colors used, green, yellow, and red, which appear to reflect different agricultural environments, although the exact differentiation is unclear. The detail on Alexandria is full for a map that covers this large a scale. Lake Maryut is substantially less developed than it is today, and the city does not stretch far past the breakwater for the Inner Harbor. Detail nearly reaches Nile, but stops shy near Lake Idku. Detail on the map is presented in both Arabic and in English. A key in the lower-left, taken from the "Ramleh" sheet of the survey from which this map is amalgamated and pasted onto an "Alexandria" sheet, states that this map exists in two editions, the first dated from 1910 (reprinted in 1913), and the second (and present) from 1914. Surveying lasted from 1906 to 1914. Rarity: No other examples located in any other institutions
Last updated: Feb 4, 2022