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Number: 751
Continent: Africa
Region: South
Place Names:
Year of Origin: 1730 (estimated)
Title: Carte De L'Afrique Meridionale ou Pays Entre La Ligne & Le Cap de Bonne Esperance Et L'Isle De Madagascar
Sub-Title: [Left lower inset] Elevation Ou Port et Mont Table au Cap De Bonne Esperance; Plan du Port et Mont Table au Cap De Boone Esperance; [Right lower inset] untitled map of Cape
Language: French
Publish Origin: Amsterdam
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Medium
Color Type: Full Color
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Cartographer: Nicolas Visscher, Sr.
Publisher: Andries de Leth, Sr.
Henry de Leth
Other Contributors:
Northernmost Latitude:
Southernmost Latitude:
Westernmost Longitude:
Easternmost Longitude:
Notes: Griggs; The Visscher family of publishers was founded by Claes Jansz. Visscher [1587-1652] around 1634, who issued maps engraved by such Dutch masters as Pieter Van Den Keere and Abraham Goos. He was succeeded by his son, Nicolas Visscher I [1618-1679] and later his grandson Nicolas II [1649-1702]. Under Nicolas I the Visscher firm produced the extraordinary Atlas Contractus. The majority of maps were by Nicolas and his father Claes Jansz., with additional plates by Jansson, Hondius, Danckerts, Sanson, de Jonghe and de Wit. Under Nicolas II, the firm issued the folio sized Atlas Minor and a number of important battle plans. The firm was continued after Nicolas II's death by his widow who issued an Atlas Minor, Atlas Maior, and De Stoel des oorlogs. The publishing house eventually went into the hands of Andries de Leth (and sons Hendrik and grandson Henry), and in 1717 most of the plates passed into the hands of Petrus Schenk, who would continue to issue Visscher maps into the middle of the eighteenth century. [Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, Volume III, pp. 150-155.]
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