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Number: 789
Continent: Africa
Region: South
Place Names: Fish River, Orange River, Cape Town, Natal,
Year of Origin: 1790 (estimated)
Title: Carte Dela Partie Meridionale del L'AFRIQUE; Pour servir Intelligence aux deux Voyages de Levaillant, Se trouve chez H. J. Jansen et Perronneau Imprimeaurs Libraires
Language: French
Publish Origin: Paris
Height: 57.6
Width: 86.2
Units: centimeters
Size Class.: Large
Color Type: No Color
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Cartographer: Francios Levaillant
Engraver: Perrier
Other Contributors: H. J. Jansen
Northernmost Latitude:
Southernmost Latitude:
Westernmost Longitude:
Easternmost Longitude:
Notes: Clarke; est date range 1790 to 1820; compare map # 323 as possible duplicate; see original text, Book # 147 and book 113 dated 1790; from the travels of the French ornithologist Fran?is Levaillant, published in English as 'Travels into the interior parts of Africa, by way of the Cape of Good Hope'. Between 1780-85 he made three journeys, one around Cape Town and Saldanha Bay, one eastwards from the Cape and the third north of the Orange River and into Great Namaqualand, collecting over 2,000 bird skins. His six-volume work, 'Histoire naturelle des oiseaux d'Afrique (1796-1808), with drawings by Jacques Barraband, set the standard for ornithological illustration
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